Summertime jasmine-infused rum, frozen lychee, homemade lychee liqueur, white cranberry juice, blue curacao and topped with champagne  15.00
Watermelon Man organic cucumber flavored vodka, fresh watermelon juice and a basil leaf  14.00
Evidence earl grey-infused gin, lillet blanc, lemon juice and ginger ale  14.00
Corpse Reviver #2 gordon gin, cointreau, cocci americano, lemon juice, absinthe and lemon twist  15.00
Kaikan Fizz gordon gin, milk, lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda  15.00
Nardis white truffle & pear-flavored grey goose vodka, grapefruit and tonic water  16.00
Serenity house-made lychee-cello, ruby red grapefruit, lemon juice and a dash of rose water  14.00
Cousin Mary cucumber, black pepper & garlic-infused vodka, clamato juice, olive juice, pickled vinegar, celery salt, olives and pearl onion  14.00
Eastern Gibson japanese rice vodka, ao, junmai daiginjo rakkyo and a thin sliced cucumber  15.00
Sweet Lorraine japanese rice vodka ao, tomato, water tomato confiture, lemon juice, basil and okinawa sea salt rim  15.00
Flirtibird barley shochu mizu no mai, shiso, yuzu juice, agave nector and plum salt rim  15.00
Sleepy Rum lavender-infused rum, lemon juice, egg white, sugar syrup  15.00
Banana Old Fashioned banana infused rum, chocolate bitters, brown sugar, cinnamon and cherry  15.00
Cheek To Cheek bacardi superior rum, mixed berries, white cranberry juice, balsamic honey, vincotto and topped with yogurt mascarpone espuma  15.00
Garden Mule mezcal joven, tequila blanco, carrot, ginger beer, lime juice, cucumber, thyme  15.00
Ceora tequila ocho respado, aperol, orange, red bell pepper, lime juice, salt, palm, sugar and cilantro  15.00
El Bromista mezcal jovern shot of espresso, fernet branca, vanilla, syrup and sugar cube with mole bitters on the side  16.00
Stormy Weather apple & cinnamon-infused rye whiskey lime juice, ginger tincture and ginger ale  14.00
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes blanton’s bourbon, cocci barolo chinato, oloroso sherry, benedictine, jerry thomas bitters in a smoking glass  16.00
Charlie Brown american whiskey alibi, peanuts butter, aterna cream, milk and topped with nutmeg  15.00
Guilty Pleasures scotch whiskey, talisker, 10yr, ruby port wine, oloroso sherry, lemon juice, sugar syrup, chocolate bitters and raspberry  15.00
Shiso Julep hakushu 12yr, shiso wasanbon sugar and water  16.00
Kings Valley blended whiskey old parr, cointreau, lime juice, blue curacao  15.00
Boulevardier bulleit bourbon, campari and martini gran lusso vermouth  15.00
Vieux Carre cognac, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, benedictine angostura bitters, peychaud’s bitters and a lemon twist  15.00
Old Folks islay whiskey laphroaig 10yr aodani umeshu  15.00
Speak Low bglcc, 2012, bacardi, superior, bacardi solera, osborne pedro ximenez sherry and matcha  15.00
Moon At Noon blcca 2012, bacardi superior, bacardi 8, soy milk, mirin and shoyu  15.00